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We came, we slayed, we sang and we saw; The Creative Womxn Hookup Bday

Amo HelangComment
We came, we slayed, we sang and we saw; The Creative Womxn Hookup Bday

The Creative Woman Hookup hosted their first birthday party this past weekend and if this celebration is anything to go by, this baby is fast stealing hearts and changing the game. I am met by a gush of good energy and trending tunes as I walk into the aptly chosen venue of 27 Boxes in Melville-a budding tourist attraction and all-round niche ambiance with unique eateries that boast freshness and exclusive fashion boutiques.


It is hard to fathom how this event has only been in existence for just over 365 days as every installment has a personality of its own coupled with just as vibrant and vivacious guests. TCWH is a made up of a collective of women who celebrate and educate those aspiring to and already existing in the creative industries. I am initially drawn to the events out of the desire to exist in spaces with successful women in the arts and some vague curiosity to grapple with the dynamics of creativity but my perception gradually expands and I soon realise the various textures, layers and realities of navigating being a creative/artist.

The Creative Woman Hookup essentially facilitates conversations and dialogue that illuminate aspects of creativity while foregrounding pioneers who offer valuable perspective to a journey that is often crippling for the aspiring artist. A defining factor and vital philosophy that strikes me about these hook-ups is the visibility of women in creative spaces. Prior to these events I would often struggle to access information and spaces that centered women as compelling and competitive contributors to the creative industry and to further be introduced to the business of artistry without the bleak outlook of the creative pursuit made for a refreshing experience that often left me more enthusiastic than nervous. The nature of this industry is tough and it requires a lot more self-exertion than we care to openly speak about, add to that the beauty and the beast of womanhood, while negotiating an array of self-defining politics and you will surely burn out but TCWH offers more than just the oddly overused ‘Lets meet up for coffee’ fad and rightly fuses conversation, creativity and often features a crisp selection of wines generously supplied by 4th Street.

This 1 st birthday celebration set some pretty high standards with multi-award-winning songstress and songwriter Shekinah as the guest of honour, who is also forging female frontlines in the music industry through her upcoming festival, Rosefest, which will be headlined by women only. She added to the palpable buzzing energy with her nifty and ever friendly aura and spoke frankly about using criticism as a fuel for greatness. We came, we slayed, we sang and we saw; no woman was left uninspired, no glass left empty and all balloons still intact. Every celebration births newness, a new year, fresh perspectives and hopeful beginnings, I do not doubt that the Creative Woman in each of us was enthused and will grow beyond the inevitable complexities of confidently charging towards the direction of your dreams.

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